Cage Rage – S1E1 – Nicolas Cage vs. Math (a.k.a. Knowing)

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Theatrical Poster for Knowing

When MIT Physics Professor, John Koestler (Nicolas Cage) discovers a strange piece of paper with various numbers that was written in the 1950s, he learns that it accurately predicted and will predict every notable natural disaster in history. Is the paper as accurate as he thinks it is, or is it all in his head?

Join Ryan, myself, and our special guest star Victor Khaze/Frost in our triumphant return to podcastdom as we discuss the 2009 science fiction/horror thriller film known as…Knowing. See you after the jump!

After almost half a year of catastrophes, ridiculous setbacks, and life getting in the way; Ryan and I (Geo) have risen from our grave and are back with the second episode of Cage Rage. For this installment of Cage, we are joined by audio/sound wizard, tech guru, all-around awesome dude, and host of the podcast known as Friday Night Party Line: our good friend Victor Frost/Khaze (aka DJ Sonic) to discuss the 2009, Alex Proyas film known as…Knowing.

Enjoy the show!!

Check out this episode

First off, I would like to apologize for the unintentional, half-year absence on our part. We meant to get this episode out much earlier, but school, life, and a whole host of other ridiculous setback and unexpected catastrophes caused the aforementioned delay. We promise that there will never be as large a gap in between episodes every again. We hope that the most amount of time it takes us to get an episode out is a month at the very least.

Lastly, there is something very important I feel I must warn you about in advance. Near the end, you will hear a severe drop in audio quality that almost makes the rest of  the show unlistenable. My explanation for this is because it took us two separate recording sessions to actually finish this godforsaken episode…each a month and a half apart from each other (hence the aforementioned catastrophes).

As you will hear, Sonic had to leave near the end, which left us on our own to finish up. Normally, this would have not posed any problem…however…the huge snag for us was that he offered to record the whole show for us, and I agreed…while stupidly not making a backup recording in case something like this happened.

A month and a half later, I skyped Ryan to finish the show up, and he answered my call…while simultaneously driving back from some place he was visiting to his college in Carolina!  The end result is that the sound on Ryan’s end, ended up being crackly, scratchy, glitchy, his voice would fade  in & out, and a lot of annoyingly loud background noise was captured where it should not have been.  The only thing I ask of you, my listener, is that you please endure until the end of the episode, no matter how bad it sounds. In return, I swear to you that nothing like this will ever happen again.

Show Notes

With the meta out of the way…let’s get on with the show notes (i.e. place where links to all the off-hand references or otherwise are posted. Also posted are the appropriate timestamps indicating when they were mentioned.)

(0:36 – 0:38)

The “forums” that Victor speaks of, is a discussion board known as the Front Row Crew Forums. This is where all three of us primarily congregate online on a daily basis with a whole mess of other awesome geeks (a majority of which will be on the show at some point, but I ain’t telling who). It is centered around the excellent and always entertaining podcast known as Geeknights.

(1:58 – 2:02)

Do…do I really even need to tell all of you what Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is? If I do…wow…do I feel sorry for you.

As Am I…

Regardless, a link to it will  be posted below (jeez)

(10:14 – 10:29)

“Gifolas Cage” is the best tumblr on the goddamn planet. Nothing but crazy Nic Cage gifs.

(13:28 -14:06)

The link to the video for the Wilhelm Scream compilation can be found below (because I can’t embed video in this blog as of writing these show notes).

(15:11 – 15:30)

The box quotes are all lies. Every last one of them!

Don’t think  I am overreacting when I say this (I’m not), but M.D. Geist 1 and 2 are the second and third worst anime ever made (the first being the opulent, yet boring and horrendously awful anime film: Odin Photon Space Sailer Starlite.

Don’t you dare see this, interesting as the cover may look.

I won’t talk much more about Odin, since it has nothing to do with The Cage (lord help us if that ever came to be), but it is really quite awful; the links below will give you an idea as to why that is.

(19:05 – 20:04)

If you like this in any capacity, you’re wrong.

The movie that I forbade Ryan from mentioning ever again was none other than the garbage Hulk Hogan movie known as Suburban Commando. The “I Was Frozen Today” quote is the only funny thing in it, mostly because of how random the line is.

The person referred to as “Churba” is a person part of the Front Row Crew Forums. He will indeed be on the Drive Angry podcast sometime this summer.

(31: 42 – 32:01)

Photoshop has come so far if fans can make this amazingly convincing poster. Best fan poster ever. Almost makes you believe this actually came out, but it got canned in pre production like every adaptation of anime or potentially good cartoon adaptation. We can only wonder what it would have looked like…-sigh-

(33:19 – 34:00)

Don’t let that deceitful, fork tongued, snake-oil salesman known as Ryan Dorn fool you with his vicious, vicious lies: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is not a good movie. Just stick with the first two entries in the Khan Trilogy. If I either had the time or if we were doing a Star Trek themed podcast, I’d go into why I think that…but I’m not. Should we move on? …make it so!


I am so glad this godforsaken episode is finally done, I cannot stress this enough. I would like to give a shout out to Victor/Sonic and thank him, not just for guest starring on the show, but also tutoring in the ways of audio. I couldn’t have done this without your help.

Thank you all for listening, we hope you enjoyed the show, and we hope you’ll keep on listening in the future.

External Links

  1. Adventures of Lost Boy – Ryan’s blog
  2.  The Floor Is Sticky – Movie Review Blog both Ryan and I contribute to (…that does not have any posts by us…yet)
  3. Victor’s Personal Site
  4. Friday Night Party Line Homepage – Victor’s Podcast
  5. Victor’s Twitter
  6. Victor’s Soundcloud – Where Victor’s Experiments in Audio Land are posted

Show Notes External Links

  1. Geeknights Podcast Homepage– (Show Note #1)
    1. Front Row Crew/Geeknights Forums
  2. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Homepage– (Show Note #2)
    1. MST3K Theme Song– This Explains Everything For You, You Uninitiated Heathens
  3. Gifolas Cage – (Show Note #3)
  4. Wilhelm Scream Compilation Video (show note #4)
  5. M.D. Geist and Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight
    1. Because the dark gods somehow possessed them to do so…both M.D. Geist 1 and M.D. Geist 2 are on Hulu. Go watch ’em. I dare you.
    2. If you want to know more about either of those films without having to watch them, listen to the Anime World Order podcast and listen to both the episodes on M.D. Geist and Odin. It’ll be great listening, I guarantee it.
  6. The only clip worth watching from Suburban Commando.
  7. The greatest fan trailer ever created…if it only could have happened!

Ryan and Geo shall return…in...Cagey Sue Got Married!!


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