Cage Rage Podcast Updates – October

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

This podcast isn’t dead, it has just been fermenting and waiting to unleash its full angry. That, and Ryan & I became busy with life, school, and other junk. The Updates from June are now somewhat out of date as many things have happened as of late and we have changed our minds on various aspects.

First of all we have decided upon a season structure somewhat similar to television. There will be 10 episodes a season and we will try to alternate between serious and “Cagetastic” films every other episode (example: Adaptation, Drive Angry, Matchstick Men, etc).

Secondly, the order of what episodes we are going to do in the near future has changed somewhat significantly. We are now going to build up to a holiday special (released on Christmas Eve no less) titled Christmas with the Cage (where we review a supposedly mediocre Christmas Carol animated movie (known as Christmas Carol: The Movie) where the Cage plays Jacob Marley). However! Before we do that episode we are going to do two episodes that we did actually record months ago (Peggy Sue Got Married and The Wicker Man, specifically)…but no longer exist. An explanation is order for this and you shall get one below.

For the first few episodes of Cage Rage, I recorded the show off of my shitty five year old laptop (a Dell Inspiron 1450) that was awful in every conceivable fashion. Eventually, I got a check for 2000 dollars due to being signed up to Social Security Incentives (due to my ADD) and bought a beautiful new laptop (A Lenovo W530) that can do every conceivable thing a desktop can. When I finally got my new laptop in the mail, I went to my old one to transfer some files to the new computer through my external 1 TB Hard Drive. Just as I was about to do that, inexplicably the computer completely and utterly died. Lost with it were the recorded Skype Conversations that I eventually would edit and modify into Cage Rage episodes. Luckily all the old episode master recordings are intact due to transferring them previously. Thus is the crazed story of our lost episodes. It wasn’t too much of a loss however as I felt they suffered in quality due to lack of guests.

That’s another thing we will be changing with the show. From now on, we will not be doing solo episodes with just Ryan and I. Even though Nicolas Cage Does Wizard Shit is solo, that was more of a proof of concept than an actual show; which explains why it only contained two people. Every show will have a guest, and we hope more and more newer and bigger guests will come on the show. For the next few episodes, be prepared to get acquainted and familiar with guests who will make repeat appearances (Victor Frost will most definitely be coming back).

Like in the June Updates, Cage Rage Cutting Room Gems will still happen once I get off my ass and edit it. I also won’t make it that great of quality because I’m switching from Adobe Audition 3.0 to Audition CS6 due to the fact I can get CS6 Library for a steal due to my colleges’ generous discount on the software. This means I need to first learn the software before doing anything else. So I apologize if the audio sounds like ass, but remember, Ryan was in his car when this was recorded so it is mostly his fault.

Anyway, that is about it. Expect the next post (after Cutting Room Gems) to be an episode post entitled…



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