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Poll Vol. I

Sunday, November 4th, 2012


Cage Cutting Room Gems – Nicolas Cage vs. Math

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

An explanation for this episode is necessary methinks. Very simply this is a dumping spot for all the outtakes that could not fit into the main show, but were too priceless or funny to send to oblivion. I decided to put it into the main feed instead of giving it its own show because it is more of a supplementary feature than a standalone show. You’ll get a better explanation at the beginning of the show.

Check out this episode

Cage Rage Podcast Updates – November #1

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Some very important news for all of you who have been listening to the episodes thus far. We are now changing our server from Podomatic to Libsyn. Not to worry though, all of the old content will be migrated onto our new Libsyn account and you will be able to listen to it there. As such, to reflect our move to Libsyn, we are changing the links to the episodes in previous posts from Podomatic links…to Libsyn ones. Also, the content on Podomatic will not be deleted, we just want to keep it there as reflection of where we started the show and how we have since moved on to Libsyn.

You will all be pleased to hear that as of this moment, I am working right now to turn this into an actual podcast as opposed to one found only on the Internet, meaning you will be able to subscribe and download this show onto your iPhone/iPad/iPod thru iTunes. Hooray!

Also, you should get the next episode of Cage Rage (Cagey Sue Got Married) by November 11 at the earliest and November 14 at the latest.

Thanks for reading and I promise the next post will be an episode related one.