Cage Rage – S1E2 – Cagey Sue Got Married (Peggy Sue Got Married)

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Film Poster

Film Poster

Peggy Sue Kelcher’s (Kathleen Turner) life is not great at the moment. She is going through a messy divorce with her former high school sweetheart and husband, Charlie Bodell (Nicolas Cage) and now is attending her 25th high school reunion. Through mysterious circumstances, she finds her transported back in time to her senior year of high school.
Seizing the opportunity she has been granted, she decides to make a few changes to her past in order to ensure that her future is exactly the way she wants it; which includes, but is not limited to, ducking and rebuffing Charlie.

Join me, Ryan, and our special guest Jordan Olsen, as we discover why it was that Peggy Sue Got Married. See you after the jump!

One big thing I should mention is the fact that I now have a new microphone that is more professional than a USB headset: the Blue Snowflake. Someday I will get Ryan to get a new microphone, but that isn’t on the horizon anytime soon.

I apologize for this episode coming out as late as it did. I was finally able to stop using a trial edition of Adobe Audition, and now you will get more frequent episodes now that I own the software and can edit at my own leisure. I also apologize for the echo you might hear. This is due to something that occurred during recording. The headphones that I use when I record suddenly crapped out and I had to do the episode where the speakers were in range of the microphone. Also you’ll hear poking of th mic which is due to the fact that the microphone had trouble staying on top of the laptop. The mic issues will be fixed by the next episode.

One other thing I should mention is that this episode is more rambly than what we usually do. The movie itself is very non-linear, so we were often amiss as to what to speak about.

Show Notes

With the meta out of the way…let’s get on with the show notes (i.e. place where links to all the off-hand references or otherwise are posted. Also posted are the appropriate timestamps indicating when they were mentioned.)

(0:08 – 0:37)

Like Victor before him, Jordan also hails from the forums based around the Geeknights podcast which we also frequent along with him. Make sure you listen to the show and, if you like it, join the forums and you will find one of the last bastions of intelligent discussion on the Internet.


Kathleen Turner is an awesome actress who was indeed in Who Framed Roger Rabbit as Jessica Rabbit, as well as Romancing the Stone: two great Robert Zemeckis films before he retreated into his cowardly virtual sets only shell. I have, however, heard that Flight is good, but I’ll see it on Netflix or some other steaming service someday.


Here is information on the awful bomb known as One From the Heart

The films mentioned (as well as not mentioned) in Coppola’s post-Heart days are: Rumble Fish, The Outsiders, Jack, The Cotton Club (that will also be on the show as The Cage has a role in that as well), Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Gardens of Stone, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Rainmaker.

(8:09 – 8:45)

Oh No I'll Go Broke


This is the Pokey you are thinking of.

We’re not talking about  I’m Gumby Dammit!


This one will be fun to review.


Is it still the best hairpiece, Ryan? Is it? Do you stand by that?


This is the best episode of The Twilight Zone; no questions asked.


Sofia Coppola is a truly awesome director. Make sure you see all of her stuff (especially Somewhere).


Wikipedia better take down this troll page. I thought they were all over that shit.


The first reference was well-made, but Ryan went too far with the last one.


Peggy Sue Got Married

This is truly enjoyable on a meta level.


While looking up an image macro related to both Nic Cage and the Freemasons for this note…I found this.

I-I-I’m speechless. The sad thing is, I think it is entirely serious; there is no bullshitting here at all.


This and this are where Ryan’s references come from.


It truly isn’t a lodge without hats.

Ryan and Geo will return in…Christmas with the Cage!


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