Cage Rage Cutting Room Gems – Cagey Sue Got Married

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Listen to this!

Here are some more wacky outtakes. This time for Cagey Sue Got Married. After the jump, check out the show notes!

Show Notes

(0:45 – 1:43)

Tell me, faithful listeners, which one seems more like a Die Hard movie to you?

This one?


This one?

I believe the former is more like a Die Hard movie for no other reason other than it is more grounded and does not make John McClane an action hero. By that I mean, the real appeal of John McClane is that he has limits and is not invincible (e.g. I get winded when I run). Live Free turned him into an invincible action hero which lowered the film’s quality, in my opinion.

(2:40 – 3:34)

If you haven’t seen/heard the video/song “I Just Had Sex” by The Lonely Island…um…welcome to the Internet.


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