Cage Rage Cutting Room Gems – Christmas with the Cage, Jason Statham, and The Doctor

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Listen to these funny outtakes!

Sorry it took so long to get this post out, but I was celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve as well as getting some deserved R&R.

Check out the show notes after the jump!

Show Notes






I have a huge beef with Robert Zemeckis concerning his more recent films being entirely in motion capture. To get something out of the way, Back to the Future Part I is one of my top 10, all-time favorite movies ever. The thing is, I don’t  have a problem with motion capture itself (The Adventures of Tintin was awesome), I just resent the fact that Zemeckis espousing the ideal that motion capture is far superior than live-action ever will be. Motion capture is only as good as the film that uses it. Tintin, like I mentioned before, used it to perfect effect considering it was an adaptation of a comic book series (which I love). The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol (I’ve seen both by this time) used motion capture very poorly. Motion capture can work when done right; its hard but it can be done right. Thank god Zemeckis has returned to live action with Flight (which I didn’t see in theaters but will on Netflix or Hulu) and I hope he just shies away from motion capture for a while.




Chris Sanders is an awesome dude. Check out his artwork here! The Croods will be coming as an episode once it gets to theaters. As you can tell, I’m not as optimistic as Ryan is; but I’ll see it for the sake of the podcast.



Dan’s minute-long, hysterical improv routine about Jason Statham came completely out of nowhere. We had no idea he would pull that, so all of our reactions are genuine. Truly an amazing feat.



Ryan revealed something I wasn’t quite ready to mention just yet. During recording, I was slightly miffed by this because I wanted to build up to it. But I’m okay with it now. What Ryan said about our follow-up podcast concerning Jason Statham is absolutely true. We will in fact be creating another podcast about the movies of Jason Statham known as Jason Statham Drives A Car and Kills People. The episode names will be named as parts, sort of like how a mythos works. The lone wolf example in his mythos that will not possess the name of JSDaCaKP is a spin-off episode known as Jason Statham Rides A Horse and Kills People (god what a trial will that episode will be to do). However, I would say to not expect that show to not come out for about 1-2 years.



To understand any of this talk, watch this show. Preferably on Netflix. It is awesome.

Also never watch Blake’s Seven. It is incredibly campy British Science fiction at its campiest. It just does not hold up over time at all. Also don’t bother with Sapphire & Steel either.


And with that, I think we can call this episode done. Sorry again for the delay in getting this post out.

Check out the upcoming news post to see what 2013 has in store for Cage Rage!


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